Which picture best represents your home movie collection?

home movie


If the picture on the left is your answer then you should think about having your tapes converted into something a bit easier to store and a whole lot prettier. 

Digital Recollections are able to transfer VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV and Video8 tapes directly onto a portable hard drive for $15 per hour of footage. 

If this is something you would like to do, please contact Anita on 0413 007 045 or email anitapgls@gmail.com

Make Your Mother’s Day!



Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to surprise your mother (or the mother of your children) with all of her video memories on easy to watch DVDs or on an external hard drive?  There is still a couple of weeks to go so give me a call or drop me a line to organise for your tapes to be converted.

Get your home movies from tape to DVD in time for Christmas

photoIt is the 1st December today and Christmas is fast approaching. Converting your precious home movies from tape to DVD (or hard drive) would make for a wonderful and original Christmas present. There are only a few weeks left so if you would like to have your tapes done before Christmas, now is the time to give me a call.

Transfer your home movies directly on to an external hard drive



Digital Recollections is now offering a new service – instead of converting your home movies onto DVD, have them transferred directly onto an external hard drive (that you provide) at a reduced cost of $15 per hour of footage.

For some this is better than having their home movies on DVD as they can them just plug the drive directly into their TVs (if your TV has that capability) or because they would like to go through and perhaps edit the movies themselves at some time in the future. For me it works because all of my home movies (and photos) are on the one device that fits into the palm of my hand.

One thing .. make sure that you do have lots of room on your external hard drive – video files take up a LOT of space.

So if you are interested in having your home movies transferred from tape to an external drive, please contact me on 0413 007 045 or anita@digitalrecollections.com.au


When did you last see your VCR?


Most people out there no longer own VCRs – they have been an out-dated technology for a good decade or two now – but many people do have a lot of their memories on VHS tape. If that is you, you should consider preserving those memories by getting your tapes transferred to DVD.

Digital Recollections can do that for you for as little as $20/hr of footage. If you are interested in getting your tapes transferred to DVD (or onto an external hard drive) please contact me on anitapgls@gmail.com or 0413 007 045

Wedding DVD Special

photo (1)

So many people out there – like myself – were married prior to the digital revolution and have their wedding videos on VHS, Video8 or miniDV, which is either difficult or impossible for them to watch.

I am currently offering a Wedding DVD Special where for $50  you can you can have up to 2 hours of footage converted to DVD, complete with a romance themed, animated DVD menu and the footage divided into chapters, eg. wedding and reception

Don’t leave it till it’s too late!

damaged VHS cassette

I am working on a job today and it has made me think .. I am converting some VHS tapes to DVD for a client and one of the tapes is proving to be problematic. The VHS tape is not THAT old (as far as home movies on VHS goes, probably late 90’s) but it is in such bad condition that I have to keep running a head cleaner on the VCR to get it to run properly. This tape has not been watched in many years and has just been sitting in a cool closet in my client’s house.

It goes to show that video on tape degrades over time, regardless of whether it is being watched or not. If you have your precious memories on tape it might be time for you to consider getting them converted to DVD before it is too late.

Top 3 reasons to transfer your home movies from tape to DVD



1) To preserve your memories – tape degrades over time, whether you watch it or it is sitting in a storage somewhere. Every time you watch, fast forward or rewind your tapes they degrade further

2) To watch your home movies – turning your tapes to DVD allows you to watch your home movies on today’s technology.

3) To share your memories – DVDs can easily be shared with children and grandchildren. They are also a great gift idea for loved ones.